7 Compelling Reasons to Teach English Online as a TEFL Teacher

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a life-changing experience. And this is why more and more people are deciding to leave the monotonous schedule of 9 to 5 jobs and embark on a new adventure of a TEFL job.

Unlike other teaching professions, it offers you an opportunity to explore the world and satiate your wanderlust while teaching English as a Foreign or Second language, earn a lump sum amount and enlighten other lives.  You will get to know about different cultures and acquainted with the people, the local cuisine and more when working as a teacher in a foreign country.

And all that you need to do is to complete a TEFL teacher training course from a reputable teacher training institute. You can complete either a certificate, diploma, or PG diploma course online at any time and go a step closer to your dream.

But working as a TEFL teacher does not always mean that you need to bid adieu to the comfort of your home and go beyond your motherland to teach and earn. Nowadays, you can earn money as a TEFL teacher from home. All that you need to get started is a laptop or a PC with a webcam, a strong internet connection and a TEFL certification with global accreditation.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility

Teaching English as a foreign or second language is great for anyone who doesn’t want to restrict them in a particular working hour. With online teaching, you can enjoy freedom and flexibility. Whether you are a full-time professional who wants to teach in leisure hours or a new-mom who can manage only a few hours for professional purposes, online teaching will be a suitable option for you. Besides, if you are a digital nomad who wants to travel the world and work in your free time, you can choose this profession. Live the life that you want with this profession.

  1. Earn Good Money

People often think that earning good money is not possible when you teach online. But it is not the reality. Being a TEFL teacher, you can earn good money from your home. On average, you can expect to earn around $15 to $26 an hour. Moreover, you have the freedom of working as many hours as you want. So, you can work only for a few hours or hours after hours if you prefer and earn accordingly.

  1. Work from Anywhere

Everyone has a different purpose that motivates them to be a TEFL teacher. However, one of the most incredible of them is the freedom that it offers you. Due to the online mode of teaching, you can teach virtually anywhere and at anytime. There is no time and place restriction. And in case you are not necessarily tied to your home, either – anywhere with a decent internet connection will do.

  1. Be Your Own Boss

Why work under anyone and follow the orders blindly. It’s time to work as you prefer. No order, no restriction. You will be your own boss when you work as a TEFL teacher online. Teaching online means you can become an independent contractor or freelancer that gives you the freedom to pick and choose when to work and how much you can earn. What more? Well, you will gain valuable skills, which can help you grow personally and professionally.

  1. Make a Positive Impact

Teaching English to your students will change their lives forever. It is because of you, someone can explore a whole new world of learning. They can learn English as a foreign or second language, enhance their communication and writing skills to communicate for work, school or travel or just for personal satisfaction – it is a pretty big deal.

  1. No Commuting

Being able to work online cuts out the daily commute. It can save your time along with money by cutting back on gasoline, bus far, wear-and-tear on personal vehicles, as it is an eco-friendly choice. So, if you don’t want to face the daily traffic to teach your workstation, then teach online.

  1. Plenty Options

When you teach remotely, you can work for any learning academy around the nation or world. You don’t need to limit yourself to local or onsite classrooms and so, you can enhance your employment options.

So, online English teaching offers you various advantages that you can hardly imagine when you choose a full-time job. And to start with you need to complete an online teacher training course on TEFL from an awarded and accredited institution like APTTI. It is a well-known institution, where experienced and expert academicians designed TEFL courses and teach aspiring teachers. Besides, they offer job assistance after the successful completion of the course.  What to do now? Take admission to the course today!

Image Source: freepik.com