Are you eligible to become a pre primary school teacher?

It is obvious that working with youngsters can be a great experience and fun, which is one of the reasons teaching is seen as a career that offers tremendous rewards. Realizing that you assist and support a child’s growth during the most crucial developing years of their life fills you with pride. Apart from having a formal education in the area, a preschool teacher should have several personal traits that will enable them to grow in their profession.


It is vital to pursue a pre primary teacher training course in order to upgrade your personal traits. You’re probably wondering where you may pursue a pre primary teacher training course to become an upgraded preschool teacher. You won’t regret reading this article, so don’t worry. Pre primary teacher training course is provided in the London College of Teachers and Trainers.


It is aimed towards teachers, teaching students in the age range of 2 to 12. Pre primary teacher training course is designed by experts with years of experience and knowledge in the area, combining all relevant international strategies and techniques. Certified Pre-Primary Teachers are in growing demand all around the world, and this international course enhances teachers in learning, perfecting their skill and knowledge, while becoming up-to-date on the latest methods and theories.


Eligibility Criteria:


The course is ideal for teachers who desire to upgrade their knowledge, develop appropriate abilities in the area of pre-primary teaching, and achieve success in their professional life. Candidates must meet the minimum educational qualification of 10 + 2, which is mandatory to register in a pre primary teacher training course.


  • Pre Primary Teachers Training course for Certificate– Class 10
  • Pre Primary Teachers Training course for Diploma– Class 10
  • Pre Primary Teachers Training course for PG Diploma– Graduate



The London College of Teachers and Trainers mainly focus around several crucial abilities in the pre primary teacher training course that are vital for candidates to be prepared for their teaching profession, as given below.





Children can occasionally be unpleasant, mischievous, sensitive, and inappropriate, this is when a teacher’s patience is required. A teacher must be able to calmly engage a youngster in learning while being understanding of the child’s mood changes. For children to grasp a concept,  the teacher may even need to explain it in a variety of methods.



The teacher must be highly creative since kids are easily bored or distracted. Teachers should be capable of creating unique strategies, innovative techniques for teaching kids that will grab their interest and keep them paying attention at all times. Many children have different learning styles; some may be attentive, while others grasp subject quickly through activities or pictures. In order to guarantee that learning proceeds effortlessly, a teacher must use a variety of strategies.


3.Communication Skills


An effective communicator should be the teacher. Teachers  must make sure that kids can grasp complicated topics she presents to them. Singing, rhyming, role-playing, and other creative methods are useful teaching tools. Additionally, teachers can use her communication abilities to document and inform parents and other teachers on the children’s development. The ability to read children’s body language and actively listen to them are more vital skills for a preschool teacher to have in order to comprehend the ideas and emotional situations of the students. This is Vital.


4.Highlight social – emotional learning


As you join in the pre primary teacher training course , you will learn how to teach children how to be socially and emotionally aware. You will impart behavior and support their growth as individuals. You, as teachers, will encourage social interactions so that the students form bonds with their mates.




The London College of Teachers and Trainers is offering you the opportunity to join in a pre-primary teacher training course and work with adorable children while achieving and experiencing your successful career.