Can ADHD make someone more creative?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a very chronic condition that can affect millions of children and they can continue till childhood. This has a combination of persistent issues like hyperactivity, difficulty in sustaining attention and impulsive behaviour.

Children who suffer from ADHD can also have severe low self-esteem, poor performances in schools and troubled relationship with parents and friends. But the symptoms of this lessens with age. Some people never outgrow their ADHD symptoms completely but they can be careful and successful after learning strategies.

Treatment cannot cure ADHD but they can be a great help to deal with the symptoms. Treatment means medication and behavioural interventions. If there is an early diagnosis then treatment can bring some great positive outcome.

Why children with ADHD have more creativity?

Ironically children with ADHD do not suffer from attention deficit. They can pay attention to everything when needed. But the brain is overflowed with information and it spills out. But this diffuse attention leads to original and imaginative problem-solving abilities. They have unrelated interests but in many things that can make them more creative. There are more rooms in their imagination and they can think more.

Children with ADHD may be better at music, art, and computers. Additionally, they may be more inquisitive about how things work and have imaginative ideas about how to solve a problem. For example, when asked to create a new unique toy, children with ADHD were better at generating ideas compared to their non-ADHD peers who were better at developing the idea further. So, the attention-getter for children with ADHD may be the challenge of finding a solution, rather than following through to completion.

There are many students with ADHD who are inclined to painting classes and pottery lessons. This is because; here they get a scope to create something which is extremely different from how others can think.

Creativity is often defined as original, divergent thinking, and the ability to combine unrelated ideas for a unique solution to a problem. Creativity has been found to be important in successful job performance, healthy relationships, and careers involving science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art. So, children with ADHD when grows up can use their creativity power to their benefits.

Most healthy children are inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive at one time or another. This can be a typical thing for the pre-schoolers to have short attention spans and being unable to stick with one activity for a long time. So parents whose children have ADHD if turns out to be inattentive at that age – should not bother about it much. Even in older children and teenagers, attention span often depends on the level of interest. But when children with ADHD grows up, their attention span becomes intense.

The same is true of hyperactivity. Young children are naturally energetic — they often are still full of life and energy. In addition, some children just naturally have a higher activity level than others do. Children should never be classified as having ADHD just because they are different from their friends or siblings.