How to choose the best TEFL course? 6 most effective things to look out for

TEFL is the only job that offers so much scope of travelling while earning simultaneously. This allurement is enough to make you dream a career in this. Choosing the best TEFL course amongst the myriad choices can be tricky.

But it is a smooth job if you know what to look for while identifying the one that will be best fit for you. It will not seem a daunting job any more. That’s what this article is all about.

Scroll down to know 4 most effective things that you should find answer to when you are on the lookout for the best TEFL course on offer- be it online or offline.

  1. Is there a proper accreditation?

Accreditation ensures that the TEFL certificate or TEFL PG course provider is reviewed by external bodies and given a nod to go ahead with the services. This also means that administrators of international reputation and importance have considered the service good enough to go.

Why is it so necessary? Well, it means that the standard delivered here is compatible with the international standard. So the course and the certificate both have due values.

Visit the official website of the service provider or the website of the accreditation body. If you find them meeting your criteria, take it for granted.

  1. Are the courses of minimum 100 hours’ duration?

If yes, do go for that course. Remember, on completion, when you set your foot abroad looking for a job, your duration of course will be given emphasis. Now it may vary with the course of your choice like TEFL advanced diploma or TEFL diploma.

China has a relaxation in this regard and having a course of 40+ hours will be enough if you eye at jobs here. But most other countries look for 100 hours’ duration.

Some institutes may offer courses t a cheaper rate consisting of fewer hours. Beware of suh activities as this will do you more harm than good.

  1. Are the teachers highly qualified?

Those experts who impart knowledge in the TEFL course classes at various teacher training institutes, must be in possession of high academic qualifications. A bachelor’s degree in TESOL is the minimum qualification for such a trainer.

Having a master degree in TESOL is added qualification and that implies the teacher is all the more experienced and expert in this field. To know the level of expertise and experience, give the bios of the teachers a check before signing up.

Also, having experience in teaching abroad is an upper hand. That would mean they are well aware of the international job market. These will add up to better guidance to you.

  1. Is the course fee reasonable?

When it comes to course fees, it should neither be too cheap nor too costly. Too cheap a price for a standard course is too good to be true. Again, a highly expensive course does not always mean you are going to get the best of the services.

Tally the course fees of different teacher training courses and get an idea what the approximate course fees are. The average fee might seem expensive but remember, it is the satisfaction on your end that matters the most.

  1. How are the feedbacks and reviews about the course?

If being a master in TEFL is in your bucket list, you should rely on what people say about a particular course that you are also planning to take up. Check out the reviews and feedbacks from others who have already gone through the course.

You can always look into online resources, social media pages etc and get to know the reactions of the students or their thoughts. The more you come across positive reviews, the better the course will be fit for you.

  1. What support does the course offer?

By support we do not mean job assistance only. Instead, we mean support from all aspects especially guidance and assistance. This may come from the educators, the management of the institute etc.

With experienced academicians on board, support is inevitable to come, provided your chosen institute feels how much you, the spirants would need it.

While giving you an assured job is after all a great support, helping you in finding one is also equally supportive. For example, you institute can offer you a place there after you have successfully completed the course.

These are the most effective things that will make you understand how good the TEFL course you choose is. Follow them and we hope the best for you.

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