Online Certificate Course in Counselling

Teaching children calls for building effective relationship with them also. With the help of a deeper understanding about this, you can gain an upper hand while you start your career. While this is important for learners of all ages, it is especially so for young ones.

A certificate course in counselling will help you understand how to tackle the child who is being bullied and the child who is bullying. Also, behavioural problems like absenteeism, substance abuse etc, a few of the common issues at class, can be better handled. Identifying the problem and finding the reason behind that is essentially easy with the knowledge from this course.

learning outcomes

  • The skill and knowledge you gather will help you no matter what type of job you are doing- a preschool teacher, special educator or even a high school teacher.
  • You will be able to launch your international career with the certificate obtained at the end.
  • You will be able to manage a class full of learners with various issues singlehandedly
  • You will learn to plan and execute classroom management effectively.


The course will enable you to have a bunch of privileges in terms of your job efficiency. The list would include:

  • In-depth knowledge about child psychology
  • Easy identification of children with special needs
  • Identification of developmental traits and ensuring the children reach the milestones
  • Understanding of variety in behavioural traits of children
  • Knowledge about emotional, social and cognitive development
  • Increased chance of being employed

Steps to sign up

Just follow a few simple steps and you will find yourself enrolled. Do the following in the order mentioned:

  • Log in on our website and you will find an online application form
  • Fill it up with all the correct details
  • A spokesperson of ours will contact you and brief you more about the course details
  • You will then make the payment through online mode
  • Next, you will be registered for the course and teachers will start taking classes of you
  • On completion you get a certificate

How will assessment take place?

As you continue with the course, you will find that modules will reach you from time to time containing all the study materials and course curriculums. At the end of each module, you will have access to a set of MCQs. You have to answer all of them.

If you are choosing advanced level course, you will have to submit projects. Often, the tutor will guide you to create lesson plans or case studies. You need to submit them as well.

All your submissions will be checked by our tutors. On analysing them, you will be awarded grades.