Special Education Teacher: How can you become one?

While teaching is one of the noble jobs, being a special education teacher is a difficult task undoubtedly. The learners here experience disabilities from one or more aspects like physical, behavioural, learning disability etc.

Special need children demand special care and teachers need to follow unique and interesting ways to make them learn new things, memorise them and implement the knowledge. Understanding the needs of the children is mandatory.

So, how do you do it? There is special education teacher training course to guide you. We know a number of queries are clouding your mind.

In the following we have answers to a few of your questions. Simply scroll down to quench your quest.

1. What actually is the job role of a special education teacher?

Disability makes the children special in terms of learning needs, behavioural traits etc. Supporting them emotionally or giving them cognitive back up is one of the primary job roles of special education teachers.

Consulting with the educators and coming up with efficient lesson plans to meet the learners’ needs is another responsibility. Placing the children in diverse situations and helping them cope with the situation is what the SEN teachers do.

It is their responsibility to create and implement IEPs or Individualised Education Plans. Through this activity they can identify and set goals, outline the services to be provided and also get an understanding of the accommodation available.

Sometimes, teachers vested with the responsibility of teaching special needs children also plan to up their expertise and explore new ways of dealing with the various kinds of disabilities that they have to face.

2. What are the characteristics specific to an SEN teacher?

Teacher training institutes can make you learn the skills necessary to ace the teaching of special needs children. But in addition to that you need some specific skills to reach the zenith of success in this field.

Being empathic and having tremendous patience are two such specific criteria that you must possess before stepping into the world of teaching special needs children. Creativity and enthusiasm are also necessary for this.

You have to have minute listening skills. It is by the implementation of this skill that you will successfully understand the varying needs of the children and chalk out the lesson plan accordingly.

You must know beforehand that the children are not like regular students and may have difficulty in developing a firm grip on what is being taught. You might have to repeat the same thing time and again to the children. This is where the importance of patience lies.

3. What is the step by step method of becoming a special education teacher?

It does not matter whether you are a fresher just out of college or you have work experience of several years. Whether you have been working in a completely different job and now you have a change of heart and want to explore a path less trodden does not matter either.

You simply need to follow a few steps properly. What are those? Well, here they are:

Step 1: Earn educational qualification

You can be a SEN teacher irrespective of the stream of education you choose to pursue. But you need to complete the basic education whatsoever. Passing 10+2 renders you eligible for applying for this job but if you opt for higher graduation or post graduation, it certainly adds more value and keeps you advantaged.

Step 2: Enrol in a teacher training course

A wide number of online teacher training course are available from which you can choose any that meets the criteria to be called authentic and recognised. The courses may offer diploma, PG or advanced diploma degrees from which you should choose one wisely also.

Most importantly, you should check and recheck whether your chosen course or institute offers a globally accredited certificate or not. Do your research well before enrolling.

Step 3: Grab the certificate at the end of the course

The course consists of a few modules each of which you need to complete. At the end of all these modules, you may have to submit your assignments and research works. Once you are done with these, you will have the course completed and received your certificate.

Step 4: Apply for job vacancies

Now you are eligible for being an SEN teacher in institutions offering the same. Your chosen institute of availing the course may provide you with placement assistance and offer you guidance regarding how o crack the interviews. Once you do that, you have the job.

This is how you become a special needs teacher and continue working in this sector with zeal. Hope the above article was of help for you. Follow them and continue your career in this offbeat but immensely satisfying job.

Image Source: freepik.com