Teacher Training Course in LCT

London College of Teachers is an eminent name slowly coming up among the leading institutions. It offers a good number of online and physical classes for various teacher training courses. With an eye to maintain global standards, the institute has developed its courses in alignment with the modern take on pedagogy.

At LCT, the role of teachers is valued the most and thus the greatest emphasis is given on the course curriculum development, the extent of assistance the aspirants receive from the tutors or guides and the hours of solid and state-of-the-art knowledge. To make this an efficient outcome, LCT has designed individual courses for aspirants.

Obtaining international teaching diploma from LCT is ease and rewarding altogether. All courses offered here are of international level and the standards you get are of premium level too. With the guidance you receive here, you will surely know all the lanes and by-lanes of how to teach an individual.

The courses offered here are:

1. TEFL course

Those who want to teach the language of English to the native speakers must find this course useful. The necessary skills one would need for teaching in this way are taught here in this course. The aspirants here mostly find jobs abroad.

On joining this course, you will also know about teaching methodologies, grammar and how to develop lessons. Language system is among the other things that is included in this course.

2. Montessori training

In alignment with the principle of Dr Maria Montessori, LCT brings to you Montessori teacher training course. This learning method is mainly meant for children aged 2-6 years. With the knowledge you get here you will be a notch stronger in dealing with children more efficiently.

3. Nursery teacher training

Here the main focus is kept on wholesome development of children. This includes cognitive, physical and mental development altogether. The targeted children here are aged between 2 to 5 years.

4. Pre and Primary teachers training

As the name suggests, the course is for aspirants who want to join the world of pre-primary and primary teaching. This arena would include children aged between 2 and 12 years. Here again, along with subject oriented learning, you also get to enrich yourself with teaching methodologies.

5. Special Education teacher training

If you have a special place for children with special needs and want to be a guide and mentor for them, this course is for you. With the help of the course’s learning, you will be able to identify special needs children. This way you can give the best education opportunities.

6. International teaching diploma

This is an amalgamation of courses for teaching children from preschool to primary levels. The course here includes all the latest and most efficient learning methodologies. Availing this course would mean you can be a global educator.

7. Early childhood and Care education

In short, ECCE, this course gives you the scope to teach and guide children aged 0-6 years. This particular course is useful for new mothers or any individual dealing with little children. Here you will learn care and teaching method of children.

8. Educational administration and management

You can choose from diploma, certificate, PG diploma course in this genre. Want to join the teaching world but not as a teacher and an administrator instead? This is what you should avail.

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