TEFL Certificate Programme: Why should a stay-at-home mother choose one?

A good number of women decide to devote full time to their family, especially to their children and take good care of them through every stage of development. Feeding the children, monitoring their study, taking them to playground, a stay-at-home mother always has her hands full.

Amongst all these often a desire to work and earn also surely crawls up. But managing time becomes a great issue. But how about an opportunity that will let you stay at home, learn and work with a flexibility of time?

Yes, we know it sounds amazing and you want to know more details. Completing a course in TEFL certificate can give you this opportunity. Thus you become a professional TEFL teacher and make your resume all the more attractive.

Various teacher training institutes are offering teacher training programme for you to choose from. Why do we recommend TEFL as the most feasible option for stay-at-home mothers? Let us explain.

Opportunity to earn

Once you complete a TEFL certificate online course, you can divide your time tactfully between your job as a TEFL trainer and that of a mother. You are supposed to teach English to native language speakers as a foreign language.

With the credentials added to your resume, you are bound to earn a certain amount of money according to the current trend of salary in this field. While doing this, you do not have to ompromise with the daily routine of yours at home.

Work from the comfort of own home

As you take a TEFL course online, your work will also follow the same path and it is only online mode via which you are going to teach. So, no alterations in timings of bringing children back from school or making them ready for school or preparing food for them from time to time etc.

Working from the comfort of your home, isn’t that amazing and extremely desirable? TEFL gives you that scope. No worry of catching the public transport on time, no worry of getting stuck in a jam and no worry of keeping your children out of your sight when you are confined within your office cubicle.

All you need is internet connection, a device that supports online video calling and a few other teaching props. And you are good to go. Literally, earn from home.

Flexibility that you need the most

With children to take care for, stay-at-home mothers cannot commit to a strict 9 to 5 work routine. You need flexible hours of working. Being associated with TEFL training offers you that very flexibility you look for when you want to be a working mom.

You choose the hours you want to teach. You choose the days and number of days you want to teach. You can modify a prior set routine according to your work pressure at home. A certificate in TEFL from a registered institute is all you need. What more could you be asking for?

Master the skill of teaching

When you are a full time stay-at-home mother, you have to b the teacher at home too. Your children will always come to you with doubts to clear. It is you who will be monitoring their steps to learn, read, write, speak etc.

With a degree in TEFL teacher training programme, you are subjected to real time teaching and you are trained to understand the demands of the learners. This way you are also able to chalk out strategy that will be suitable for your learners and they will be able to understand what you are imparting.

You can implement those teaching skills on your children also. Rich with knowledge about English language, you can take good care of your children’s study in a skilled way. Helping them with homework, especially English homework is an easy job for you.

Have a resume to boast of

Have you been a working lady before deciding to be stay-at-home mother? And now are you worried your resume has lost its value in the present job market? Well then let us assure you, adding the very degree of TEFL will surely boost your resume a notch higher.

It is true that gaps in career bring question marks on the employers’ face and they often question your ability to be liable. But as you modify your resume with the fact that you possess a certificate in TEFL, and that too from a globally accredited institution, you are the one who will receive higher preference. Take our word for that.

So, you can see having a certificate or a diploma degree in TEFL can be of great help to you. You do not have to give up on your children’s growing up and be a part of their lives while performing your duties both at home and in online classes.

Enrol with a course t the earliest and start the second phase of your career in the academic world.