What are the career options for you after TEFL course?

Let’s say you have completed a full time TEFL teacher training course. What now? Yes, you can always be a teacher if that’s the only thing you have fixed your aim at. But there are other options awaiting you also.

Undeniable is the fact that TEFL and scopes of teaching abroad are inseparable. So if you are one of those with wanderlust in you, a career in TEFL is the best that can happen to you. Here we have listed six of the best career opportunities you can come across after your completion of online teacher training course.

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  • 1. ESL teacher

Be it a school or college or even a university, you are always eligible to be an ESL teacher there with your certificate and qualification. But guess what is more interesting? You get to be an ESL teacher in abroad or, more specifically, native English speaking countries across the globe.

China and Japan are two of those countries which hold the highest record of recruiting teachers with TEFL certification. The employment arenas include private institutes, schools etc and teach young learners.

Now, when we say you can be a teacher, it is not only a class teacher that we refer to. You can well become the assistant teacher or reach up to the position of head of the institute. Opportunities are many.

  • 2. Trainer

With your knowledge obtained from the TEFL course, you can sharpen your extra skills and become a trainer for teachers. Wondering what training teachers would need?

Well, not all teachers are experts in delivering the proper accent or speak in the correct way that can be understandable to the students from different backgrounds. So you can be giving training lessons on soft skills, voice training etc.

The arena of being a trainer is quite wide spread. You should explore all the available options and then decide which suits your interest. You can always be a trainer of what you had been dreaming of teaching but your learners in this case will be grown-ups.

  • 3. Online teaching

Technology has given traditional teaching a lot of twists and turns and online teaching is one such contribution. Irrespective of the situation being affected by a pandemic or not, more people are opting for online teaching-learning sessions.

The online platform helps you connect with aspiring learners from across the globe. People or students who wish to learn English as a second language but cannot invest time behind signing up for a regular class, can reach you.

  • 4. Freelance jobs

If you do not want the routine of a 9 to 5 job restrict you, freelance jobs are always there for your rescue. There is not one, not two but ample freelance job opportunities available in the global market. Choose any that best suits you and the one you find interesting.

With a certificate from a registered teacher training institute and a few years’ experience in a teaching job, you can get placed as a trainer also.

  • 5. Summer Camp Trainer

Summer holidays are a span of time which people try to utilise and get the best out of it. Summer camps are the means of that. The period might be short- only a few weeks- but enough for acquiring some new skill.

Implement your knowledge as acquired from the course on the aspirants who sign up for your summer camp. Teachers, both from within a campus and from outside, can learn something new.

You can earn a handsome amount from organising summer camps and at the same time put your skill in use to make others enlightened.

  • 6. Management

If you are one of those very few gifted people who have not only language skills but excellent communication skill also, management department is where you should be headed. It is entirely different from engagements in the academic sector. But it is no less rewarding.

The choice of workplace is myriad in this case. From office to school- management department is an integral part in all cases. Managing business and other functions call for good organisational skills which a course in TEFL teaches you pretty well.

These are the top six career opportunities for you post a course in TEFL. But do not think these are the only ones. There are others out there. Join a registered course today from a reputed and accredited institute. After the completion you can give shape to your career in any field you want.

Image Source: freepik.com