Where can you teach English abroad? 10 best suited countries for TEFL

Do you have a valid TEFL certificate from one of the leading teacher trining institutes of your country? We bet the next stop for you is some place where you can actually flex those knowledge and skills. So, where are you headed to?

And that’s exactly where you are at a fix, right? You cannot get to decide which countries will be best for launching your TEFL career. So, we bring to you top 10 countries that we think will be the answer to your problem.

The hustle bustle of Japan or the serenity of Kazakhstan- what will be your destination? Choose from the list below.

  1. Japan

With ample opportunities, Japan is our first choice. An English-only academic background for 12 years and a college degree received after completion of four years’ study- these are two basic criteria that you will need to meet if you eye Japan for a TEFL career.

  1. Cambodia

Looking for easy breezy employment opportunities I TEFL sector? Cambodia is your answer. Devoid of any discrimination regarding recruitment of English teachers, Cambodia is the first choice of many.

The scope of placement is boosted with a TEFL certification programme done; however, some institutes in Cambodia also recruit those who have not taken any TEFL course.

  1. Costa Rica

When you are thinking of a friendly environment to teach in, Costa Rica will be the first country you should pay attention to. When you have a college degree in addition to the TEFL certificate from a certified and accredited institute, your chance for landing a job as an English teacher in Costa Rica is upped manifold.

  1. China

Biggest TEFL industry and China are synonymous to each other. Positions are many but qualified people to fit the positions are few.

Thus, when you have bagged a TEFL certificate do give China a try and look for openings there. The market size is huge here. If you are a native English speaker and express your desire to start a career here, chances are that you will be hired readily.

  1. Thailand

While looking for a job, the remuneration is also important. Thailand is one such country where you are going to get a higher pay as an English teacher or a TEFL trainer.

You have to cross three hurdles here. You must have a certificate of TEFL and a college degree. But most importantly, you must take language fluency tests like IELTS with a score of minimum 5 and more or OEIC with a score of 600 or more.

  1. Spain

It is not only food, wine, seafood and scenic beauty that Spain is famous for. With low living cost and respectable remuneration, Spain is another choice of placement as an English teacher. There are language institutes, private and public schools offering plenty of opportunities waiting for you to grab.

  1. Italy

This European country has plenty to offer you if you have it in mind for launching your teaching career. To top them all the living cost is considerably low and if you handle money wisely you will be able to carry on with a smooth lifestyle. Friendly and compassionate learners make your teaching experience better.

  1. Peru

With friendly and open student-teacher relationship on offer, Peru manages to make its place among the top ten countries. It offers $500 to $1000 remuneration approx. The best thing? You can get a job even if you do not have a bachelor’s degree.

  1. India

The country full of diversity in language and culture and landscapes has great teaching opportunities as more and more globalisation is in the pipeline. The country and its people are ready to amaze you with its low living cost and excellently warm approach.

  1. Mexico

Though last in the list, this Latin American country is also providing opportunities of placement in teaching. This country provides myriad parks with the job such as free accommodation, travelling stipend, airport pickup reimbursement etc.

Image Source: freepik.com