Why is special needs education so important?

Children with disabilities are o way to be discriminated and deprived from regular education. This reality check has increased the demands of special needs education teachers. Subsequently the demand for special needs teacher training has also upped.

It can never be denied that a child with disability needs special care from the people around him/her. But that would never hinder the learning process. To give these children the ultimate learning experience it is a must to know disability in detail.

What is disability?

From blindness to dyslexia everything falls under disability. Children with autism, speech impairment, bone deformities, faulty brain development fall under this category.

Teachers of special needs children see to it that they are accepted in the mainstream society. This needs to be understood well that disability is not any form of disease; instead it needs more care and attention.

How is special needs education programme designed?

The main focus of child care programmes is fixed on providing care to children in need. In the course of doing so, knowledge is also imparted to them. It is accepted beforehand that these children act and respond differently but that should not be considered as misbehaviour.

As a part of development programmes for special needs children, several teacher training institutes will train you to give them awards and gifts. This actually makes them feel proud and cared about. Their inferiority complex is thus eliminated.

These programmes can also induce behavioural changes in the children. The physical or mental disorders that they go through can also be checked. Problems like ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also be controlled this way.

Do children show normal behaviour?

Children with disability are unique in their own way. It takes time for them to showcase behavioural trait that goes as per the norms of the regular society. But if the people around the child continue to exhibit discriminative attitude, their self-esteem is lowered.

Learning programmes are designed in such way that children are engaged deeply in this. This helps them divert from the negativities they have to suffice. The bigger problem is they always cannot understand their own emotion and thus fail to express it properly.

Special needs teacher training courses train teachers to form small groups of children and handle the emotional disturbance they might go through. This way all of them participate in the learning sessions and do not feel missed out.

What are the importances?

In this process the children with disability are made part of active communication. For children with speech impairment this works like wonder. With reduced difficulty in speaking the children open up more and thus a feeling of belonging is induced.

It facilitates the sharing among children. Thus the skill of exploration is also flourished. They make more friends and be a part of the whole class.

In a class full of diverse students, and all with one or other type of disability, the children go through improved mental development. Such development is not always possible within the restricted border of home.

Cognitive development is also improved manifold. Children get the scope to explore a lot with the help of the teachers and the knowledge they gain from them. Learning new things in an interesting way helps them develop.

The intellect of the children goes through elevation too. The cognitive development actually helps in this. The special needs education training programmes shape the children’s development process in a well-designed way.

Often the parents of children with disability do not encourage their children mixing with other children. They think that keeping them at home will help them stay out of negative attitudes. But the reality is quite opposite.

Special needs education is thus of utmost importance for the holistic growth of children. This helps them grow and develop to be a part of the mainstream society.

Image Source: pexels.com