Choosing teacher training institute: what to consider?

Teaching is one of the noble jobs that thousands aspire to take up. If you also nurture to be a primary teacher or have a desire of launching your international career with teaching, the first step you must take is to train yourself. And for that, you need a teacher training institute. These institutes have tailor-made courses for helping you develop teaching skills. But, there are not one or two institutes, instead there are many such organisations coming up with promises to shape your career.

So, how do you choose from them? What points do you need to consider while selecting and enrolling into one? Seems a daunting job? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

In the following, we have pointed out a few things which you must consider before you take up a random teacher training course.

How are the training methods and course curriculums?

The teaching methodologies and the course curriculums must cover a spectrum of teaching as broad as possible. Theoretical knowledge about teaching, in-depth understanding of the methodologies etc must be there.

Prolong lectures are not always enough to deliver knowledge. Audio visual aids like audio podcasts, powerpoint presentations, video tutorials ex must be a part of the process. This will ensure that the content reaches you well and gets imprinted on your mind.

The curriculum should be designed in such a way that after the completion you can always refer to them as your supporting material. So, find an answer to the question “Are the courses well-structured and trining method effective?” If yes, go for it.

How is the fee structure?

The point of browsing through a list of potential institutes is, after all, choosing the best one, right? But that does not mean you should go broke just in order to complete the course. Check the fee structure well and tally it with other institutes to get a better understanding.

Institutes may try to convince you that they have the best and most efficient fee structure. But believe your eyes than your ears.

Just as high fees do not indicate that very course is the best, the same stands true for courses with low fees also. While cutting down the fees, many course providers compromise with the course content or the training quality. Thus, keep enquiring about fee in the list of your considerations.

How is the institution background?

The background or the past performance makes way for future references. Now who or what contributes to that? From faculty members to the alumni- everyone is on the list. Facilities and track records make one institute stand out among others.

Also, how long has the institute been functioning in this field? Check for that too. Make sure it has been a considerable period of time that your chosen institute is running for.

Are expert academicians involved?

It is important to look out for who is going to teach you or guide you. The expertise of the academicians should not only be in terms of degrees or educational qualifications. Instead, they must be experienced, motivating and ready to assist you in your path to become a teacher.

It is important to get assistance from experts as they can teach you beyond the course curriculums. You can also get hands-on training from them. Both of these together will help you in shaping your career along the right way.

When you receive such guidance, it is assured that your learning experience is more enriched. Professional experience makes learning more efficient. It will be great for you if you can have an interactive session with the faculty prior to enrolling.

What assistance will you get regarding placement?

Your chosen institute must be there to help you get placed. After completing your international teaching diploma you are eligible for employment. But where to apply and how? That should be informed to you by the institute.

Some institutes offer opening both within and outside the country borders. This is especially true for EFL teaching courses. So, check whether placement opportunities come with the course offerings as provided by the institute.

Here again, you can check previous years’ pass-outs’ experiences. How well they have been placed and how they have been assisted regarding placement will give you an idea about the whole picture.

There you have it! A brief glimpse of what would act as your guidance to choose the right institute. It is important to choose the right one as that would form the base of your career in teaching. Consider these and make the right choice.

All the best!

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