Evaluation of teachers and administrators: is it important?

Evaluation of students is common. But, evaluation of teachers and administrators? Yes, that is of importance too in today’s context to evaluate the performance of the teachers and enable their growth. This will actually enhance the entire system of schooling.

Teacher training institutes will turn you into a successful teacher no doubt. But how well you are executing those skills and how well the learners are learning from you- these can only be understood from your evaluation as a teacher.

Post teacher training courses you might have become an administrator of an institution instead of becoming a teacher. Even then you need to be evaluated as that will answer questions like how well are you managing the whole venture? Are you careful enough about the uplift of the learners and the teachers simultaneously? 

Why is evaluation important? 

Evaluation helps in a number of things. Evaluation of the whole teaching process and the administration actually facilitates the complete schooling system. Besides, it is beneficial for both the learners and the teachers.

Teachers can identify the areas they need more strength in. They can also recognise their strong areas. Thus correcting the weak points and sharpening the strong ones, teachers can comprehend their performance.

Evaluation helps to realise whether the teaching method in use is appropriate or not. Teacher can execute how brilliantly they can approach the learners or where they need more cooperation from others to keep up with the current trends.

Evaluation can be a potent tool in pointing out the extent of student development. This is because the evaluation is aimed entirely towards the holistic development of the learners. 

What does evaluation do? 

Evaluation, in simpler terms, gives feedback to the teachers and administrators regarding their work. It helps them accomplish the peak point of their teaching capabilities. For administrators, it is how well the administration of the facility is running is what evaluated.

A well-structured lesson plan is absolutely necessary for teaching in lass. Evaluation helps to identify whether that is correct choice or needs to be changes. This makes way for more systematic change in the lesson plan and facilitates the overall development of the students along with growth of teacher.

If there is a glitch in the lesson plan, evaluation points it out to you. An absence of proper lesson plan calls for disaster in the teaching process. Evaluation shows you that too. Thus the overall education system is benefitted.

You can have a professional degree in this. It will clear your concepts about the variables depending upon which the evaluation is made. Ways that can be employed to up the performance of teachers and administrators are also taught in such courses.

In general it is the students who are evaluated strictly enough. This is done to improve their growth and development. But it is thought that students also have the rights to give feedbacks about what they feel have been better and what could have been better.

If any student fails to follow the class and do not find the lesson interesting he/she might lag behind. It must be kept in mind that not everybody’s capacity is same. This will hamper the learning process. Issues like this can be avoided with evaluation.

With evaluation a school can reach the optimal point of teaching and learning simultaneously. Evaluation will enhance the growth and development of the administrator, the teachers and the students. Thus, a holistic development will take place.

As a teacher evaluation will help you realise the extent of your capabilities. If you are an administrator, you will get feedbacks and know ways of better school system management. Remember that experience along with expertise can make way for satisfactory learning. 

Having a professional degree in evaluation along with an international teaching diploma will help you curve your niche in the academic world of jobs. Be it as a teacher or an administrator, you are surely going to ace he skill.

Image Source:pexels.com