How Different is Montessori from the Traditional Methods of Teaching

The Montessori teacher training helps in imparting improved social and academic skills in children. This has already been proven by studies that compared traditional school teaching with public Montessori school teaching. A sense of fairness and justice prevails among those that undergo Montessori training courses. They are bound to indulge in different activities with their peers in a positive frame of mind.

 The MTT course has some other important aspects to follow:

 Positive Environment

 The classrooms can help the students in meeting their specific needs. All key points of consideration for developing student centric lessons are analyzed while pursuing Montessori teaching courses. In comparison, the lesson plans are teacher-centric under a regular teacher training.

 Learning Actively

In every traditional classroom, the children are passive listeners, while in a Montessori classroom they turn active participants and gain hands-on practice.

Through Montessori teacher training, a teacher can help her students in achieving information that’s necessary for knowledge acquisition.

Role of a Montessori Teacher

 The MTT courses focus on a number of things, the most important ones being mentors to the children. While conveying lessons, the teachers are expected to discuss things with the students in person. The traditional schools deliver lessons in a single order without leaving any scope of individual learning.

 Acquiring Knowledge

 Learning depends on your studies and lifelong observation, which makes it even more interesting for the kids. This is an important fact of consideration for developing the latest Montessori teaching methodologies. A number of studies have been conducted by the experts, which help in distinguishing between the traditional and Montessori teaching methods.

 Children are more likely to get knowledgeable when they find the Montessori curriculum appealing. That’s why the Montessori teaching method is made even more interesting by including some interactive teaching sessions. It contributes largely towards the development of a healthy and imaginative mind.

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