Montessori Teacher Training Programme: 5 key questions

An education system focussed entirely at the development of children- that’s what Montessori teaching is all about. Italian physician Maria Montessori developed this programme as she wished to be this programme inclusive of guidance and assessment from knowledgeable teachers.

Have you been planning to join the world of Montessori teaching? Have some queries been clouding your mind about the Montessori teacher training programmes? Do you feel the need to familiarise with the teaching method? The following article is just the right thing for you.

We have compiled a set of 5 key questions for you and the answers of them. Read on to know more.

  1. What is Montessori teaching?

Maria Montessori conducted research for years and came up with this special type of teaching method where activities oriented towards the growth of children are involved. It implements “prepared environment” where the children’s interest is stimulated. The teachers actually satisfy their curiosity and help them proceed along the path to development.

  1. Why would you choose Montessori teacher training programme?

It involves interactive teaching. It ensures a child develops holistically by modifying the behaviour, enhancing the motor skills, encouraging participation etc. In the duration of course you also get to learn various methods of teaching both in theory and in practical. Thus you develop expertise in talking a class, enriching the learners with knowledge and help them grow physically, mentally and socially. What could be more rewarding?

  1. Is Montessori teaching any different from traditional teaching?

Yes, it is. Montessori teaching aims at understanding the behavioural trait of children, the pattern of their growth and tries to incorporate holistic developmental approaches in the students. But the approach that traditional teaching takes is that of force-feeding information to the learners, emphasising on memorising information and distributing knowledge as acquired by the teacher. Montessori teaching is more interactive and enables the children explore various arenas of learning language, art, geometry, music, mathematics and many more. It helps them grow intellectually. But this scope is not there traditional teaching.

  1. What degrees are available in Montessori teaching?

Online Montessori teacher training programmes come with three varieties of degrees. These are:

Certificate degree course: It is the course with shortest duration and consists of 6 modules only. This course covers child psychology, mathematics, child education etc.

Diploma degree course: This course offers you to learn lesson planning, using tools as developed by Montessori herself, assignment completion etc.

Post-graduate diploma degree course: This is the highest degree available in online platform. Here you are more accustomed to the Montessori methodologies. You also learn to assess case studies, create lesson plans and implement them successfully.

  1. Why is online training advantageous?

Online Montessori teacher training course provides you with learning flexibility, 24/7 access to learning materials, comfort of your home while you learn and choose the time that you find suitable to sit and learn the contents instead of attending classes on a fixed time every day. Thus you save time and money both for travelling costs are nil.

A properly authenticated and internationally recognised institute will award you globally accredited certificates on completion of the course. You can get a job anywhere across the globe. Choose Montessori teacher training course today to get a first-hand experience of new-age learning and be a part of the development of children from the very start.

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