How do nursery rhymes play a significant role in children’s lives

In this article, you will get valuable information about how nursery teacher training courses are important for the teachers to enhance growth and development through nursery rhymes.


Nursery rhymes have a huge impact on young children’s development. Even science has demonstrated that the development of phonemic skills through nursery rhymes considerably enhances reading, spelling, and other literacy skills.


In nursery teacher training courses candidates will learn plenty of methods and strategies to approach teaching nursery rhymes to the children. Rhymes are easy to remember and really interesting to recite.


Some of the significant points to focus on are nursery teacher training courses, which will be beneficial and effective for the teaching and learning process of nursery rhymes.


  • Teaching easy-breezy rhymes:

Begin with easy rhymes because young children may not be able to memorize long and difficult ones.


  • Act and face expression:

By act and face expression while reciting the rhymes, it creates the teaching more interesting and fun loving, which will attract childrens to pay attention.


  • Recite along:

When childrens become recognizable with the nursery rhymes, motivate them to recite along. This will be beneficial for the childrens to remember the rhymes and by their own they can recite.


  • Visual clips:

When childrens hear and visualize rhymes, they can relate with it very easily and instantly.


Nursery teacher training course provides special upgraded techniques and strategies for the candidate, as nursery rhymes play a significant role in children’s life for their growth and development. Candidates will learn how to introduce rhymes to the childrens, how to encourage each child to participate in reciting rhymes, how to recite nursery rhymes in a simple and fun way, how to arrange fun video clips and pictures according to the rhymes and many more.


You must be wondering how nursery rhymes can be so significant in children’s growth and development. Here are some points which will amaze you by knowing how nursery rhymes can benefit your children’s growth and development.


  • Speech Development:

Nursery rhymes help to improve speech development in childrens, by hearing the rhymes the childrens recognize and learn the words. The more they hear the more they recognize.


  • Conversation and Language Development:

Rhymes are an excellent way to increase vocabulary. Nursery rhymes are the ideal vehicle for exposing young children to language in order to help them improve their phonological awareness.


  • Physical Development:

Children are encouraged to move while singing and reciting action rhymes, which helps them to improve their balance, coordination, fine and gross motor abilities, as well as their ability to follow basic commands.


  • Development of the Mind:

The repetition of nursery rhymes is incredibly beneficial for a child’s brain development by exposing them to new words, it helps them to understand and remember words better.


  • Reading Development:

Nursery rhymes can benefit children in developing their reading skills. Here, kids learn how stories have a beginning, body, and conclusion and how to order events in a story.


  • Develop their imagination and creativity:

With the help of nursery rhymes, childrens can create imaginary scenes. In pretend play activities, this expands their imagination and to express themselves more creatively.



Rhymes make an overall development and growth in children, and play a significant role in children’s life. What you are waiting for! Train yourself in a nursery teacher training course and become the finest trained teacher.