How important is progress-oriented learning in primary school?

The definition of learning has changed over the time. It is not only about knowledge, but the knowledge must be oriented towards progress. This starts from as early as the days of primary schooling.

Teacher training institutes everywhere are determined to give you training on how you could impart likewise knowledge to the children you teach.  It is time for effective learning on the various subjects of primary level learning.

When you choose a teacher training course for being a primary teacher, the curriculums have the updated versions of what are being taught in the schools. This makes you more eligible and employable.

What is progress oriented learning?

One of the new age learning methods is progress oriented learning. In this learning method curriculum the children’s motor and sensory skills are mostly emphasised upon. There are a range of activities designed especially for the children studying in this level.

The main objective of progress oriented learning is motivation. It aims at motivating the children in achieving their goals or targets. It is believed that motivation is the main force here.

With learning oriented towards progress, the children can achieve holistic progress too. The time we live in is of close competition. Perfection is the key to success and that can be achieved if the growth is oriented towards progress from early days.

Why progress oriented learning is necessary?

It is the responsibility of a primary teacher to boost the growth and development of a child. This can be attained by making the learning process progress oriented.

When a child undergoes primary education, it is the most crucial period of his life. Most of the cognitive growth takes place in this time period. With proper teaching techniques in place, the desired outcome is easier to achieve.

Progress oriented learning instils in children the perspectives of the surrounding they are in. The specific characteristics of the surroundings are taken in well by the children. Their perception about the environment around them makes for effective knowledge acquiring.

The children subjected to this type of learning are quicker in gripping what is being taught to them. The techniques which were in use earlier were not so fast. The decade old methods are substituted by orientation towards progress for good.

It makes children more enthusiastic. This technique paired with the teacher’s mastery and skill, can bring wonders in the primary school level knowledge of the children. It is the duty of the teachers to explain each question to them with utter finesse.

 Why is it good for children?

 Besides making children more knowledgeable, the interactive teaching sessions make them more skilled in communication. Being able to express their intentions makes the children happier. It also helps them develop the qualities of self-discipline, self-management and self-reliance.

The learning technique makes the children search for answers to questions themselves. This makes their knowledge stronger. The teacher of course comes to their aide if they find difficulty in doing so, but this again is a great step towards being self sufficient from the early years of life.

 What are the approaches of progress-oriented learning? 

There are several appropriate approaches of the same. These are:

  1. Information towards progress

Here the individual child’s capacity to receive and process information is judged before feeding them with information and thus led to the path of success.

  1. Knowledge in subject

Teachers develop an in-depth knowledge about the subject they teach so that they are never faced with problems while teaching the children.

  1. Details

Children will discuss in details about their experience in this approach. This gives the teachers scopes to analyse the situation the child is going through.

  1. Analysis

In this approach the teacher organises the information and analyses it in a way that will make the children move the way to progress. 

Thus training in primary teaching and having an international teaching diploma will make you efficient in teaching techniques oriented towards progress. Get your dream job in academic world and be the guide of little children on their way to success.

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