Stress Management: how to handle stress in pre-primary teacher training?

When you are a teacher, you cannot only be the knowledge-giver. Rather, you have to do multiple roles to ensure that the curriculum follows its own course and activities are performed accordingly. But like everything else, things do not always go according to the plan, right?

That is when stress creeps in your career. A deviation from the chalked-out plan results in failure of achieving the target. Eventually, stress creates a hindrance in the overall performance.

Stress management is utmost important for a pre-primary teacher. There are several steps to successful stress management during pre primary teacher training. Here we have everything covered for you.

 How to successfully manage stress?

We have brought together a few steps which you can follow to tactfully deal with your stressful conditions. While imparting knowledge, these can help you overcome situations that you feel churns out al your patience.

  1. What are the priorities?

As a teacher you need to take care of the classroom activities, plan them and execute them. So, prioritise your activities depending upon the urgency or importance. Once you have sorted the activities out, you will automatically get less stressed out as you will know when you will do what.

  1. What are the stress situations?

While you become stressed out by something, you may find that the same does not bother your colleague even though both of you are working in the same field, right? So, you need to understand what is causing the stress for you? Once you identify them successfully, you can avoid them by planning ahead.

  1. Is the situation real or are you just imagining it?

“If I do not do this correctly, I might turn up trapped in troubled water”, “what will happen if the plan fails”, “what if I fail to make the learners understand”- these must have crossed your mind at some point or other, haven’t they? Result? You stress out.

But these are all just in your head and none of these have happened till now. So, you can see, you are just being stressed about some imaginary situations. Avoid them and you will be at a lot more peace.

  1. Are you aware of the challenges?

Once you go through pre primary teacher training course and join a relevant field of work, you should know what challenges might await you. As you know them beforehand, you will know how to avoid them or deal with them. As a teacher, this will only facilitate your success.

  1. What happened earlier? Forget it!

Even if you know the challenges and plan ahead, during the early days of your career, you might face situations where you fail to handle a problem tactfully or educate learners most efficiently. These experiences must not haunt you for that will only hinder your progress.

Rather, learn from your mistakes and make sure, you do not repeat them. But do not let those past incidents get a hold on you.

  1. Feeling frustrated? Let it out!

Yes, you might feel angry and frustrated at certain points in time. But it is no good to suppress it. Let it out in a non-harmful way and release the negativity that might be causing you to react adversely.

  1. Relax, release and recreate

A teacher training course will give you the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, surely. But what about your physical health? Ignoring it will take a toll on your health.

Get some time out for yourself everyday and try some exercise or breathing techniques. This will help you reflect on your inner self and also relax. Once you unwind your mind and body, you will find yourself stronger by several notches and can win over challenges that may come your way.

  1. Optimism is the key here

Come what may, you must stay positively charged for always. We know, it is easier said than done but trust us, there is no alternative to optimism. The more optimistic you are, the more enthusiastic you will feel about the class activities and course curriculum.

  1. What’s the hurry? Take one step at a time

There’s no rush despite what everyone might tell you or try to convince you. Instead of hurrying to reach the target, take your time and chalk out your development plan and act accordingly. This way you will see you can complete a work well within time, without any hassle and with more efficiency.


Teaching, they say, is one of the noblest jobs. When you are teaching little ones attending pre-primary classes, your responsibility is higher because they develop the way you shape them. Such a job role comes with responsibilities also.

Keeping our tips in mind will help you keep up with it in an effective and efficient manner.

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