Teacher Training with TEFL Course: Learn Everything

Do you dream of being a teacher and teaching a class full of diversity? At the same time are you an in-born globetrotter? Wondering how you can balance both the profession and passion? TEFL Course has the answer ready for you.

Enrol yourself in a teacher training course providing a TEFL certificate at the end. This will be your gateway to the world of teaching and travelling simultaneously. Such teacher training institutes will help you curve a niche in the academic world of teaching English to native language speakers.

While travelling sounds exciting, it costs some pennies also. If it is international countries that you are eyeing to explore, having an international teaching diploma can take care of the pocket pinch. The money you earn from teaching can be invested into travelling and maintaining your lifestyle abroad.

The course of TEFL can be availed by anyone. You may be a fresher or an experienced professional looking for a change of job- being trained in TEFL is open to everyone. From European countries like Spain, France to South Asian countries like Japan and Korea- scope of jobs are everywhere.

What is TEFL?

TEFL is actually an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is also termed as TESL or TESOL where the TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language and the latter term indicates Teaching English o Speakers of Other Languages.

When you choose a certified course of TEFL Diploma or TEFL Advanced Diploma, you will be awarded a certificate which is TEFL accredited. This will present you with the opportunity of international travelling, teaching and earning altogether. All you have to do is teach the language English to non-native English speakers in the chosen country.

What are the types of courses?

You may grab your TEFL PG degree and certificate in various modes of training. We have summarised them in the following:

Online course

Here you learn methodologies and essential skills for imparting knowledge to the learners. Vocabulary, grammar, classroom management, reading, speaking and writing the language, preparing lesson plans are dealt with in here.

Classroom course

Here you can participate in the classroom activities. This includes learning grammar, phonetics, lesson planning, and most importantly interactive learning sessions. The length of the course can be varied.

Pre and primary teaching course

If you are aspiring to teach little children, this is the course you should go for. You will learn the teaching methodologies, curriculums in practice in various pre and primary schools. You get accomplished with the latest teaching techniques.

Who can attend these courses?

The range of eligibility for signing up for a course in TEFL and exploring the job and the globe simultaneously is wide. The following people can take up the course:

  • Freshers with aspiration of teaching job
  • Aspirants aged more than 20 years with a bachelor’s degree in any stream
  • Middle-aged people or those nearing retirement from service
  • People looking for a change in profession
  • People already in teaching profession looking for overseas jobs
  • Aspirants looking for voluntary services of teaching the young ones
  • People with strong command on the language

Training to be a teacher with all the skills of being an EFL or ESL trainer makes you a master in TEFL. With certificates and accredited course you can visit the country you have been dreaming to and at the same time pursue your career too. These jobs do offer decent remuneration so that you can carry on with your lifestyle and quench the wander thirst too.

Completing a course in TEFL can land you a job at an institute or school or university of global reputation too. So give your dreams and your career wings today with TEFL.

Image Source: pexels.com