TEFL Certification Chiang Mai, Thailand: a Unique Experience

To get a wholesome Thai experience, TEFL course in Chiang Mai, Thailand is the best option one could ever avail. The city has long been known as the cultural capital of Thailand. But in recent years it is gradually becoming a favourite destination for TEFL aspirants as a number of TEFL courseare offered, each promising to bring one to the threshold of a successful career with loads of working opportunities knocking at the door. As an emerging Asian country, Thailand is curving its niche in the global economy quite prominently.

 Why go for TEFL course in Chiang Mai?

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for TEFL course in Chiang Mai. First of them would be the serene environment the city provides you with. Most of the teacher training course centres are spread across vast areas. All the facilities one could ask for are available across these centres.

You will be provided with professional training facilities while you obtain your TEFL certificate. You are not forced to join any particular TEFL course as Chiang Mai gives you options to choose from. If you have your heart fixed on availing a TEFL PG degree, you can get it here. Even if you aim at TEFL diploma or TEFL advanced diploma degree, those facilities are also within your reach.

The faculty of expert tutors with years of experience will make your learning process not only interesting but inspiring too. You will always receive their guidance throughout your journey to obtain the TEFL certificate.  

If you are in possession of an accredited TEFL certificate you can grab a designated post in any international school or language training centre. With more globalisation down the pipe, the demand for ESL/EFL trainers is on a steady increase.  

 What else does Chiang Mai offer?

When you focus at becoming a master in TEFL you must be thinking of establishing your career also. As for placement opportunities, Chiang Mai provides you with ample of them. The city has an amalgamation of both local and Western facilities. This makes it a perfect location for aspiring teachers hailing from a foreign country.

The TEFL certificate you get at the end of the TEFL course will help you get placed anywhere around the world as these certificates are valued worldwide. In fact, you will get assistance in locating and landing a job both inside and outside Chiang Mai if you choose the teacher training courses here.

While in Chiang Mai, you can always be mesmerised with the natural beauty of rivers, mountains and meadows, forests and valleys, waterfalls beyond any limit. A visit to the Doi Suthep temple can bring peace and serenity in your life.

The historical aura of Chiang Mai is also undeniable. Ancient and modern amalgamation has given the city a quaint aura which is quite irresistible. Weekends and free hours from the TEFL course can always bring you to these places of interest.

Other prominent cities like Phuket and Bangkok are also home to TEFL course. You can also get some combined teacher training course in these cities also including Chiang Mai. The TEFL course in Chiang Mai, Thailand is facilitative and advantageous for anyone who would aspire to be an active TEFL worker and continue to teach the same successfully.

Image Source: picspree.com