Want to be a good TEFL teacher? Top 5 qualities you must have

Having a career in teaching has its own challenges as well as upper hands. When it comes to having a career in TEFL, the path is somewhat same with minor changes. But at the end of the day all you thrive for is being a good TEFL or TESOL teacher, right?

If that has been you dream, you need to posses some specific qualities that would help you be the good teacher you want to be. Having degrees and certificates are not all in this case. With qualities we actually mean a few soft skills.

So, what qualities will you be delving for? That’s what this article is all about. We bring to you the top 5 qualities that have the potential to make you a successful TEFL or TESOL teacher.

  1. Be communicative

The impact of active communication is immense in teaching. In its absence, you won’t be able to understand what the students demand from you. On the other hand, your class of learners will not get you despite how hard you try.

Teacher training courses do take care of this but you need to polish this yourself also. It does not matter how high a degree in academics you possess. It is your communication that will keep your students engaged.

With this it is an easier task for you to develop lesson plans, identify which teaching method to implement and ensure successful learning of the language by the learners.

  1. Be passionate

To be successful in any field of work, you need to have immense passion towards it. TEFL/TESOL teaching career is not an exception either. Your passion brings forth enthusiasm in the learners.

You have to be particularly passionate about the teaching career and the language English both. Only then you will love whatever adverse situation you my face while being in the profession. All these will make the way to become a successful teacher broader.

  1. Be compassionate

Besides being passionate about the profession, you also have to be compassionate about the learners. It is only by this that you will understand the students and help them in making positive decisions. This will also facilitate their communication.

You have to keep in mind that not all students will find it easy to learn English as foreign language. Also, each has their own pace of learning. Different students might find different areas difficult to cope with.

It is your compassion with which you will impact their learning ability and modify their behaviour in the classroom. With this quality you will send off the vibe to the learners that they are understood.

  1. Be patient

A class comprises of students with different learning needs and ways of learning. While some will learn something readily, some will make the same mistake over and over. This is a reality check of how patient you are.

By no means can you be frustrated over the varied progress of the learners. Some might struggle so much that they themselves feel they are not going to make it. But all you have to show is great extent of patience.

You need to give time to the learners to make them adapt to the language. After all, English is a foreign language to them and might not be that easy. Some may need more time than others to process the knowledge imparted to them. Be patient- that’s the trick.

  1. Be adaptable

When you are in another native speaking country with a job of teaching English as a foreign language, you are bound to come across various situations. Some may be favourable while some may be adverse. You have to adapt to both.

Say for example, you chalked a lesson plan of 4 hours in a week. But it turned out to take away 3 more hours. Or, your lesson plan falls short to fill the full lesson. Do you give up? No, think of new strategies.

Adaptability is the key of success especially if you are changing employers or moving countries as in the case of TEFL. From technology to teaching method- adopt whatever comes your way.

These are not the only 5 qualities that will make you taste success as a EFL teacher. But acquiring them will definitely help you reach you target in a smooth manner.

Image Source: freepik.com