Why Do You Require a TEFL Certificate to Teach English Abroad

If one wants to teach abroad – particularly English then they definitely need a TEFL certificate. This certificate is definitely a ticket to make the dream of going abroad become true.

When it comes to TEFL – the full form of it is Teaching English as a Foreign Language and hence this certificate qualifies one to teach this subject in a non-English speaking country. Once a TEFL course is done, one can easily apply to other countries where English is not taught as priority because they are non-English speaking country. Here, having the ability to speak in English is considered to be something extra that can be helpful in communication.

Sometimes TEFL courses are confused with TEFL and TESOL courses but they are not the same. In case of TESL, it is about teaching English to students in an English-speaking country where first language is not English. TESOL on the other hand is a general term that includes both TEF and TESL.


Before we dive deeper into all things TEFL, I’d like to clear up something that often causes confusion: the difference between TEFL and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). These two terms are often used interchangeably, even though they technically have different meanings. Sometimes TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is also thrown into the mix, causing even more confusion. But to clear the confusion – one can apply for any English teaching jobs in a different country once the TEFL course is done.

Reasons to go for this certification course

  • Job requirements for an English teacher in abroad may vary in different countries but in most of the cases a TEFL certification is required as a basic qualification in most reputed schools and teaching organizations. Having a bachelor’s degree is also another common requirement but one does not need a degree in education or any other teaching experiences in order to apply abroad as an English teacher.
  • The market for the English teaching position in any country is highly competitive. So, if one does not have a TEFL course completion certificate – then it can be a great disadvantage for them. Because; even in most schools the requirement of a TEFL certificate is not mentioned, but having them makes the landing of the job much easier. Good schools are always looking for teachers with proper training. Hence, they consider more the one with the certification.
  • This particular course is actually a professional one that can train one on how to teach English to foreign students. This is because; even if one is a native English speaker, it becomes difficult to know on how to teach the subject to people who do not know the language. It can also become difficult to explain the grammar to them sometimes.
  • This certification of course can help one to develop confidence to manage a classroom filled with students. Communicating with them becomes much easier after one has this training. It does not make the feeling overwhelming.

To land an English teaching job in any foreign country it is required to have a TEFL certificate.