How is teacher training as a career?

Being a teacher is not the only option that you can take up if you dream to be a part of the academic world. Being a teacher trainer is an equally promising career option to explore. It might not still be as popular a career choice as a teacher but there is huge demand of this particular profession too.

It is not mandatory to be at the peak of your teaching position if you want to be a teacher trainer. Training sessions for the same is enough to make you eligible for the role. The following article gives you every bit of knowledge you would like to have about teacher training.

Is teaching background a must?

You can be from any background for that matter. Having a teaching background will definitely help you in grabbing the concept.

You might be a primary or Montessori teacher. You might be a business English teacher as well. But the scope of becoming a teacher trainer is always open to you.

The one thing that is must for seeking eligibility in being a teacher trainer is going through training sessions. In these sessions you actually learn to share experiences. The ourse teaches you to tackle a bunch of teachers-to-be.

How is teacher training as a job?

The main mantra of being a teacher trainer is go-with-the-flow. There are varieties of jobs that compose the teacher training process.

Teacher training includes intensive courses or just a session only. It can be a seminar spanned over a day or even just an hour. However, the teacher trainer has to be ready for anything.

Part of the job is arranging everything that is needed for the sessions imparting knowledge to the aspiring teachers. This includes checking whether the internet is working fine to giving lectures on how to be a good teacher on the field.

Another thing about this job is that you have to be prepared for any queries or questions that might come your way. Of course, you can pre-plan your performance for a day. Still, the situation changes at any moment and you have to, as mentioned earlier, go with the flow.

How is the pay structure?

You must not compare the remuneration of a teacher trainer with that of a teacher of English. The amount of remuneration is dependent upon various factors. Type of institute you are attached with is one of them.

Your might work with a private institution. A public institution may also hire you as their employee. It is decided by the institute what pay scale the teacher trainer should be put into.

This much can be said that the salary you will be drawing being a teacher trainer is higher and better to a great extent than what you would earn as an EFL teacher.

Who can be a teacher trainer?

If you are passionate about teaching, this is the perfect place for you. Being in teaching position prior to this works as an added advantage. Habit of teaching sends off the signal to the trainees that you are well versed in this job.

There are difficulties in teaching too as in other professions. You should be ready to accept them.

There is need of excellent communication skill too. It is the trainer’s job to make the treachers feel good and positive about their job. Building confidence and acting as a facilitator for the teachers come with the job profile.

Those who have keen interest in psychological aspect of education can shine in this career. That way you can guide the teachers as an expert.

As for educational qualification, those who have completed their BA can apply for this post. Some recruiters may also ask for MA degree. But DELTA, CELTA and international teaching diploma these are mandatory.

For being a teacher trainer, having contacts is utterly important. This will actually help you get clients and get recruited. You can be a teacher trainer in any country across the globe.

Sharing is one more thing about teacher training. Developing innovative ideas and sharing them with the trainee teachers are what make the whole experience successful. Thus education is modified and made easier.

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