Spring Break Worksheet for Teachers: Productive Leisure

As the sweet and warm breeze of spring makes its entry, you cannot put a cap on your enthusiasm as it heralds the time of spring break. It is more than a simple leisurely break if you are a teacher.

Be more efficient once the break is over and you rejoin your workplace with fresh new ideas and innovations. Make improved productivity during leisurely spring break an objective of yours.

 How can you read and learn?

If you are involved I Montessori teacher training or nursery teacher training, you do know how much it is important to be knowledgeable about almost anything. Little children are full of curiosity and ask a lot of questions which you may run out answers of.

Spring break is the perfect time to enrich your knowledge by reading vigorously. Instead of only advising students to read, revise that practice yourself!

 How can you learn something new?

Spring break is the perfect time where you have a break from your daily activities of planning class schedules, thinking of classroom activities. If you are a TEFL Certificate holder or a master in TEFL, your skills are confined in innovating new teaching and learning methods.

Utilise the break for learning a new skill like origami, baking, calligraphy etc. You may also learn to build a website or tune up your writing skill or learn to play an instrument. Use the break for developing some professional and useful skills especially if you are with special education teacher training.  

 What about digital detox?

Instead of pinging on WhatsApp or chatting on Messenger, focus on meeting people face-to-face, talking with them and developing social communication. Spring break is the perfect time you can go for an afternoon stroll to the path through the forest or jog at the community park.

Detoxify your body and mind removing yourself from the Smartphone screen. Develop stronger bond with nature outside and appreciate the creation of God wholeheartedly.

 Why don’t indulge into spring shopping?

A break from the child psychology courses brings to you the perfect scope of decking up your closet. Bring out the fashionista in you and stock your closet with the new arrivals.

A wise step will be choosing dresses that are fit to wear to work too besides a sudden night out plan. When you join your workplace again after the spring break, you are sure to bring a whim of fresh air with you to the class.

 Why don’t go to a vacation?

Short trip to the mountains or vacationing at the beaches will actually boost your inspiration and positive mental attitudes up. This will actually freshen up your mind that has been bogged down by work pressure.

When the break is over and on a busy work day you look back at the memories of your vacation will cheer you up. Remember all work and no vacation will eventually make you stressed and you will fail to function most efficiently.

 How about sitting back and doing nothing?

Take some time off for solely yourself. You can use this time for anything you wish to. You may reflect upon your past actions and try finding the positivity in them or learn from the mistakes.

During work weeks, it is always an unparallel race against the time, right? Well, take time into your stride this spring break and enjoy it exactly the way you wish- race like a horse or lay back like a sloth. Spring break is all yours!

Thus utilise the break time to its full extent. Spring brings new life to the nature. Make spring break do something pretty much similar to you. Enjoy spring break to the fullest.

Image Source: freeimages.com