Montessori Teaching: What qualifications do you need?

The teaching techniques as developed by Maria Montessori involve unique learning and teaching methods. Age-appropriate, self-directed learning activities make children learn in a interesting and exciting way.

If you want to be a part of the teaching experience at this level, you can certainly become a Montessori teacher. To do that, you need to meet certain criteria of qualification. The details of those are to be detailed in the following.

What educational qualification do I need? Do I have to go through any special teacher training course? Get ready for all the answers to these mind-boggling questions.

What are the educational qualification criteria?

You will need a proper education and Montessori certification both. Let us clear it up a bit more.

  1. Traditional education

As far as this is concerned, the educational degree requirement can be varied. While some Montessori teacher training program asks for college degree, some accept class 10+2 level of education also.

In some countries like India education up to the level of class 10 is often considered to be enough for enrolling in such programmes. Moreover, the institutes that offer placement have varied requirements regarding educational qualification.

We would recommend you consult once with the local schools and also the administrative bodies such as the State Department of Education before concluding anything. If you are looking at abroad schools, follow the same procedure.

  1. Montessori certification

To be a Montessori teacher, you must possess a certificate in Montessori teaching. You may choose a certificate programme, diploma or advanced diploma programme. But this is a must.

Choose a teacher training institute which enriches you with all the modules of Montessori teaching including child psychology, educational philosophy, mathematics etc. Highest importance must be given on the teaching methodologies.

Choose a certified and reputable institution for availing your certificate.

What work experience do you need?

In a word, nothing. Most of the Montessori schools do not ask for previous working experience in a similar institute.

Your educational qualification and whether you are in possession of an authentic certificate- these are the main two factors that determine your employability. Having previous work experience will definitely work as an added advantage.

What are the other criteria I should meet to be a Montessori teacher?

Know by heart that Montessori teaching is in no way similar to the conventional teaching methods. Thus being a part of this system is different than being a part of the traditional teaching programmes. Thus you need to have keen interest in the non-conventional teaching process.

You need to be ready to face a multi-age classroom which means you may find children of various ages in a single class. You need to modify your teaching techniques in a way that will cater to the needs of all of them.

More than a teacher, your role is to be the facilitator of these children in your class. Your job calls for being the force behind the children’s independent learning.

In conventional teaching, you would have to read the children stories and poems and ask them to memorise small details. But in Montessori teaching you guide the child to discover and learn new things on his own and explore. So, you can easily guess how unique the teaching method is!

In addition, you need to be aware of the Montessori philosophy also. Your training course or the certificate that you grab on completion of the training programme does not entitle you the same. But you have to know ins and outs of it on your part, especially if you are aiming to be a successful Montessori teacher.

Being familiar with the teaching methodology is one of the key qualifications that we must recommend you possess. Also, you need to have patience in you as you will be responsible for handling children of varying age and you need to understand the individual needs.

Lastly, we must say that do not consider Montessori teaching as a career option if you are not genuinely interested about it. True dedication toward the teaching philosophy and desire to be a part of the developmental process of children- these are mandatory before you decide to step into the world of Montessori teaching.

Degree in Montessori teaching and having an international teaching diploma can land you jobs anywhere across the globe. Armed with all the qualifications as we mentioned above, you are ready to grab your dream position in the academic world.

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