Join TEFL Certification in Loja, Ecuador and Grab Lifetime Opportunity

Name a place with a perfect blend of culture, history and adventure. Ecuador is the only answer. This Lain American country sharing its border with Peru and Columbia can be your next stop if you are an adventure lover and fond of the beauty of sea for the country has a wonderful stretch of coastline. Home to a number of UNESCO heritage sites, TEFL course in Loja, Ecuador is another reason the country beckons you to visit her. Both geographic and cultural diversity makes Ecuador a country with growing demands of TEFL course.

Teaching English in Latin America is gradually becoming an in-demand job and the job market of Ecuador represents such growth. If you are a master in TEFL it is most likely that you will land a job in one of the many language schools operating in Ecuador independently. Besides that, your TEFL certificate will also earn you scopes to work as private tutors in Ecuador. This way you can be involved in part-time job also if you are already a working professional.

In addition to your TEFL Diploma or TEFL advanced diploma it is recommendable to have a Bachelor’s degree. But you must know that it is not compulsory for all employers. Possessing certification in TEFL is mandatory. Increasing demand of qualified personnel in possession of TEFL certificate enables the aspirant teachers to live a modest yet comfortable life with the payment they receive.

 Advantages of TEFL in Ecuador

Your TEFL PG degree is your gateway to activate your adventurer and traveller self and explore the beauties Ecuador has tucked in its Galapagos Islands, Andean cordillera, and vast range of tropical rainforests. Grab the lifetime experience of being both in the northern and southern hemisphere at Middle of the World City or the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo. All with your TEFL trainer job here in Ecuador.

The capital city Quito is one of the major cities that are commonly offering jobs for teaching English. Guayaquil, popularly known as the Gateway to the Pacific and Cuenca, an Andean city are among the other cities with teaching jobs on offer. The TEFL diploma degree you acquire from a certified institution will come of use in any of these cities as plenty opportunities are here for you.

 How Ecuador is as a workplace?

Ecuador provides you with excellent working conditions. You get to interact with eager audience consisting of school students and working adults alike. Ecuador, like almost all countries of the world, has got the hang of rapid globalisation. This has made the people realise how important it is to have a strong command over the English language to sustain the international industrialisation across the globe.

You may wonder how you will be able to extract time from your busy schedule of teaching and breathe in the beauty of Ecuador. The country provides you with easy and flexible working hours which are never going to exhaust you. You are sure to get more than enough opportunity for exploring the nukes and corners of Ecuador, the country with cobblestone streets.

TEFL course in Loja, Ecuador is a wonderful opportunity to earn while you learn and explore. With the proper degrees and certification, Loja, Ecudaor is your next destination to exercise your adventurous mindset while helping others to master the English language for communication.  

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