TEFL Certification in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Overview and Advantages

Vietnam has its history marked with more than six decades of French colonialism. Till then the country has come a long way and today it has emerged as one of the most influential Asian countries. Government is backing TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for ensuring they stick to their target of confidently speaking fluent English by 2020. With governmental support, availing a TEFL certificate and finding a job here in Vietnam are equally easier than those of its neighbouring countries like China or Thailand.

If you eye for attending TEFL course abroad, you can blindly opt for Vietnam. Courses of various duration offer various degree. There are some courses which would give you the scope to avail TEFL diploma degree while some will give you TEFL advanced diploma degree. The Vietnamese government has set a goal of enabling the students of the country to learn English as second language by heart and obtain the desired fluency.

 Why Vietnam is emerging as TEFL destination?

The cost of living in Vietnam is comparatively lower. This makes it easier to afford TEFL course here. This is further facilitated by the ample opportunities of getting an ESL teaching job in this country. If you already possess a certificate and are a master in TEFL, Vietnam has its door open for you.

You can make the most of your TEFL PG certification by choosing Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for even more reasons. The country has an array of natural beauties spread throughout the country. The breathtaking beauty of Ha Long Bay limestone islands in the north of the country is complementary to the Mekong Delta in the south with vast areas of wetlands.

So, your visit to Vietnam, whether for earning or learning, is rewarding in the sense that it allows to be a traveller as well. Ho Chi Minh is the largest city of the country which is busting with people from different cultural backgrounds. The sidewalk vendors, cafes, seafood on offer in stark contrast with the pagodas built in Chinese style, colonial buildings, Reunification Hall- all are sure to grab your attention.

 How is the job market in Vietnam?

Till date Vietnam is more remembered for its war with the United States. But that complex and disturbing era, though of much historic importance, is left far behind in today’s Vietnam. If you are particularly interested in that era, Vietnam will not despair you. As for TEFL course, Ho Chi Minh is not the only city where it is confined. Other cities like Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang are also coming up with more TEFL certificate options.

What makes Vietnam a viable option for joining TEFL course is its job market which is strengthening day by day and lower cost of living. With an aim to make it more efficient and lucrative the government has maintained the work permit standard meticulously. This together with ample work opportunities makes Vietnam a leading destination for TEFL certification abroad.  

Reasonable working hours and handsome remuneration will help you live through your days in Vietnam which you will never regret. Inspiration is sure to come your way in all forms. Students dedicated to learn English and nature and culture to explore- both of these make TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam a favourite of ESL teaching aspirants across the globe.

Image source: unsplash.com