Travel and Get Paid: New Opportunities for You

Youths across the world, from South Africa to the United Kingdom are keen on travelling like a globetrotter and living abroad while exploring opportunities to earn enough money too. Exploring countries across borders can bring a much desired upgrade to the CV of an individual and at the same time enrich him with new valuable knowledge.

Education is never confined within the walls of a classroom, instead it is the whole world that offers education in one or other way. Coming across new cultures, languages, practices etc add to the thirst of exploring more and at the same time quench the thirst too. Rich in experience you can always search for more such travel adventures.

Now, what about earning money while travelling and exploring cultures? What can be a better option than putting your acquired knowledge to practice? Teaching is one of the best ways for interested people from South Africa to travel and earn a respectable remuneration simultaneously. If you are eying your travel and career goals meet, nothing can beat the option of becoming a certified TEFL trainer.

A number of teacher training institutes offer courses from where you can undergo a course of varied duration and grab a TEFL certificate or become a master in TEFL. While learning the techniques of TEFL training or English teaching you can always know about the scopes abroad, which country offers more scopes etc. 

Why teaching English abroad is recommended? 

  1. Bringing positive impact

As you travel the world, you are more prone to develop a feeling of making a difference. In the course of doing so, you will leave a positive impact on the students’ lives as and when you begin to teach EFL too. Teaching is always one of those professions for which you get appreciated and remembered throughout. Who knows, one of your students today from the USA or Canada decide to visit South Africa one day following your footsteps.

  1. Know the country in and out

The host country, i.e. the country you visit has numerous gems hidden for you to explore. Travelling and teaching at the same time will take you to places where you meet local on a more intimate level. Yu may get invitations for a traditional meal or get to visit a less travelled part of the country. Thus you make community connections and get them etched on your memory.

  1. Extend the comfort zone

When you visit other countries being a TEFL teacher, you have great chance of landing in a country where they speak native language. The food and culture will surely be different than what you have grown up with. Thus it is going to expand your comfort zone and help you grow personally and professionally too.

  1. Earn while you travel

While travelling will cost you money, teaching will help you earn the same. From food to short trips on weekends everything can be managed with the remuneration you get from being the EFL trainer. Exploring the unknown without the worry of pocket pinch enables you to live your dream sustainably.

  1. Be more skilled

What can be a better combination than collecting travel memories and improving your skills at the same time and that too while earning enough? Be it communication skills or skill of public speaking, adaptability to intercultural competence- travelling and teaching abroad will give you more and more scopes to develop these skills and sharpen them at the same time. 

How to find a teaching job abroad? 

When you are in possession of a TEFL certificate, you are eligible to teach anywhere across the globe. But how do you do your job search? Here are a few ways:

Research job opportunities

Teaching position perks and working hours vary from one country to other. While looking for jobs do your research regarding these variables and then decide which one do you want. Narrow down your search accordingly.

TEFL oriented CV

In your CV the mere attachment of the TEFL certificate will make you stand out among the others. Add to it the various versatile experience of yours like knowing a foreign language, previous working experience with children etc and you are good to go.

Consult with teachers

Teachers at your TEFL training centre have the first hand experience and nothing can be more valuable than that. Reach out to them for knowing job openings, tips for applications and get in-depth understanding about the whole process with future scopes. 

What are the best options? 

As we mentioned earlier, when you have a certificate in TEFL training, you can always land a job anywhere. But judging the current job markets we would recommend France, Japan, China, Spain and South Korea are few of the most potential countries with increased job opportunities. 

If you are looking for making money and reach travel goals simultaneously, look no further than grabbing a TEFL degree. It will certainly open new doors for you and give wings to your dreams. Nurture the explorer in you with the support of your teaching skills and make a leap for teaching English abroad.

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