What Modern Teaching Aids are used in a Nursery Classroom?

When we think about a classroom in a school, it takes our mind to a place where there is a board hanging on the wall, a few chalks are there on the teacher’s table and a few desks are arranged in the room for the students, right?

But with the advancement of time, the classic picture of a classroom has gone through a lot of changes. Now it is a place which has modern tools attached here and there. These have become an essential part of the learning process as they contribute to the child’s effectively absorbing the knowledge.

A nursery teacher training course will train you on how to impart knowledge to the little children. But when you step into the real life classroom, you are going to come across a few teaching aids. Want to know what these are?

Here we have a list of four most important and most widely used modern teaching aids in nursery classrooms across the globe. Read on to know more.

  1. Computers

Since the first computer was built in 1991, it has come a long way and has evolved vigorously. At present it is not a luxury but necessity. And that necessity extends up to the class of nursery also. Modern education and computer-dependency are inseparable.

Computer, in its early years, have been criticised vehemently. But today, computer is something that has made the teachers’ job a lot easier and the learning process more effective.  With the help of multimedia, audio-visual learning etc children are more interactive with the rest of the world.

With internet connection attached to a computer, it is a window to the world outside. It is not only the children who benefit from this, but you, the teacher also as you get to know more about the teaching method, effectiveness, new trends etc.

  1. Smart Boards

Gone are the days of black or greenish rectangular teaching tool, the board, in a classroom. Nursery classrooms are now adorned by interactive electronic white board, commonly known as smart boards. The latest trend and an integral part of education are the smart boards.

You may or may not be trained through a professional course of nursery teacher training, but you need to know the use of this particular item for more and more classrooms are coming up with these. Installing one is a costly affair, no doubt but the interactive feature is something that you cannot do away with.

There are a few cons of this aid like the electricity bill will be skyrocketing, your class full of little children might find it difficult to access from anywhere in the classroom etc.

  1. PowerPoint Presentation

Though widely used in business organisations, presenting a particular lesson through the slides of power point will capture the children’s attention. With numerous animation options, you can make even a still picture move across the screen and amaze the children.

It is a cost-effective measure as you do not need to buy or install anything extra for this. While completing your online teacher training course you can gather knowledge about preparing a presentation in Power Point, handling it and presenting it as well.

The biggest advantage, apart from being cost effective, is with a little training, your tiny learners can also handle them. This is not possible in case of smart boards or other tech-savvy aids. The extent of interaction is also greater compared to others.

  1. Other technical tools

Apart from what we mentioned above, there are a bunch of other aids also. These include DVD players, slide projectors, projector screens, VCRs etc. We assure you that you are not going to interact with these when you go through your professional training.

But the contributions of these elements are undeniable. You can show a short film, project your slides, etc. But to be very truthful, the use of internet has made the use of these aids a bit obsolete.

So, as we started this article with the very mention of chalks and board, you can very well gauge how the utility of these have become substituted by the modern aids. And you being a teacher hailed from the modern era must be adapted to these.

Image Source: Freepik