What makes you a great Montessori teacher?

A class full of little children learning to rope, you teaching them the basics of learning, the environment filled with the cacophony- sounds really good right? But when you actually step into a Montessori class, you will feel you need some special abilities to sustain here.

A teacher training course in Montessori teaching is surely going to teach you about the various nukes and corners but you need to have something in you also. The teaching method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori is unique in all senses and thus needs special attention and abilities from the teachers.

Enrolling with a teacher training institute is the ultimate advice we will give. But are you not wondering what abilities will facilitate your success in this field? That is what we have for you in here.

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  1. Planning

With kids you do need to plan things beforehand. Keep in mind that the tiny tots are very much unpredictable. So, you need to keep your lesson plans ready not only for the coming week but for long term also.

Your plan should include group activities where you will put kids into groups and assign them tasks. You should plan this according to the learning demands, area of interest, extent of ability etc. Planning ahead the class will make your tackling them easier task.

When you have plan ready, you can easily find the space where you can start new lesson or accommodate children in new classes once they are done with the ongoing course.

  1. Observation

Montessori teaching involves a lot of observation of the learners. The educational methods are developed in such manner that close observation of the children are necessary in order for you to successfully teach them in a Montessori class.

The kids in your class are of elementary age. So, they will have diverse learning speed, needs and areas of interest. So, when you identify these traits you can plan your teaching method accordingly.

Post the completion of Montessori teacher training programme when you step into the real world and start taking classes, you will find how important observation is for lesson development, imparting knowledge and monitoring the development of the child all the time. This way, you will find, that you are actually facilitating the children’s social and emotional development process also.

  1. Record keeping

As you continue to teach your class of children, you need to be a pro in record keeping also. This will act as a reference for you from where you will find what you have already accomplished and what you are still left to do.

Record keeping is also helpful for those who will fill in your place also in case you get promoted or remain absent for a day or two. With the records kept in an organised manner, anybody can know from where to start once a lesson is completed.

  1. Relationship building

Remember, your learners are children up to 6 years of age. The way you talk, teach, instruct etc, will exert great impact on the minds of the children. Thus, it is important you build a good relationship with each of them if you are eyeing to be successful here.

You must be extra careful about how you build the relationship. You can follow the more formal way and emphasise on structure and systems. This way you will have a relationship built on a regular basis.

Or else, you can simply mix with them spontaneously and develop a strong relationship. We say, this is more effective as the children find you more accessible and tends to open up to you. So, you know where they are facing problems in the class and can work together to improve it.

You need to choose wisely while you browse through online teacher training course on offer. Completing one such course will help you develop an in-depth knowledge about the methodologies. Are you still waiting and have not yet decided about getting enrolled in a course?

Hurry up or you will miss the chance of setting you foot into the academic world, teach the children of Montessori class and be a successful teacher to the future citizens.