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100% Placement Assistance

We give you 100% placement assistance all over the world.

Letter Head of Participation(LOP)

While pursuing the course if you are getting a job already and you require a participation letter, then we would be giving you that as well. It will act as a provisional certificate.

Letter Head of Recommendation (LOR)

If you are having any preference for a certain school/institute/organization and you require a Letter of Recommendation, we would provide you the same depending on your performance level.

You will get Letterhead as per your requirements, so that it is easier for you to get through .

Job Updates

Please join our facebook group for getting updates and regular interaction

Students Grooming

  • Live session where students can be taught how to prepare an introductory video ( as there are many home makers and freshers who are new in teaching domain)
  • Effective ways of writing resume
  • How to answer Interview questions and introduce yourself.
  • Important tips and tricks while attending interview

Special Webinars on Placement

There will be special webinars on specific job requirements across the globe at regular intervals. The discussions will help candidates understand what special requirements there are in various parts of the world and what kind of grooming or certificates are required.

Once you enroll, for the course you can join the group to get job updates

You will be able to access these job updates even after you complete the course.


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